Alumni North America

Our goals:

  • Sustain the creation of a network of people and contacts in the United States and Canada, of which all Alumni of Politecnico di Milano can benefit
  • Advocate for the brand of Politecnico di Milano in the United States and Canada
  • Contribute to increase attractiveness of Politecnico di Milano for students in the United States and Canada

Ask for support in your city if you need business contacts, visa-related info, apartment-hunting-related info, help to find work or internships, etc.

Leader del Gruppo

AlumniPolimi North America Board:

  • President: Annalisa Conti, annalisa9(at) (New York)
  • Treasurer: Corrado Toxiri, corrado_toxiri(at) (New York)
  • Secretary: Renato Bonomini, renatobo(at) (Los Angeles)
  • Lead of Corporate Relations: Sebastiano Peluso, sebastiano.peluso(at) (New York e Los Angeles)
  • Lead of Academia Relations (MIT): Nicola Martino, nicola.martino(at) (Boston)
  • Lead of Communications: Matteo Fabiano, matteofabiano(at) (San Francisco)
  • Board member: Maria Elena Bianco, mebiancony(at) (New York)

Other contacts:

  • Paolo Stefanini, pstefanini(at) (Miami)
  • Elisabetta Sala, elisabetta16(at) (Miami)


16 Dicembre 2019, 7 pm
AlumniPolimi NYC Christmas Dinner
This year has been full of activities, events, new partnerships, and many new members of this Alumni community. Let's celebrate 2019 with our traditional Christmas Dinner!
Join us for an evening of food tasting, wine pairing, networking, and fun:
December 16 at 7 pm
Vias Wine, 875 6th Avenue, Suite 1500, New York, NY, 10001
Significant others are also welcome. Let us know if you're planning to bring your kids - yes, you can!
The evening is sponsored by Vias Wine, thanks to our colleague alumnus Federico Zanella: we will be guests in their headquarter, and we will taste their wonderful wines.
Food will be provided by Lucciola Ristorante Italiano.
The event is planned with the support of ZMG Synergies.
The official photographer for the event will be Aldo Soligno.