On Thursday, June 22nd, Patrizio Sbaragli, Polimi Alumnus and General Manager of Ferrari New York, hosted a very special event at Ferrari’s amazing Park Avenue location.

Park Avenue is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the United States, as well as many Fortune 500 corporations. It’s therefore a fitting location for an Italian brand that represents the epitome of exclusiveness in the automotive world.

The Ferrari showroom was closed to the general public for the evening, and the Alumni had a unique opportunity to join a private learning and networking event, with a red carpet welcome. To kick off the activities in the most involving way, Patrizio, our perfect host, greeted participants with a true Italian “aperitivo” based on traditional products imported directly from Italy.

Patrizio then entertained the visiting Alumni with an ardent presentation of Ferrari. Born from the passion of a man who valued racing above anything else, the company has always been focused on leading-edge technology to produce maximum performance, up to becoming the most successful Formula One racing team in the world. At the same time, the Ferrari brand has obtained through the years a unique positioning that leaves it without direct competitors: it has always been the synonym of innovative design and Italian Style, and it is now an icon of luxury, rather than another supercar manufacturer. Ferrari also creates an unprecedented customer experience for its car owners, who are made to feel part of a family that shares the same interest and passion for the prancing horse.

With its focus on both design, branding, and engineering, Ferrari strongly connects to all components of our Alumni community, not only in North America but also in Italy, where many graduates from Politecnico di Milano choose to work for the Maranello-based company.

Patrizio Sbaragli introduced the newest Ferrari models to the Alumni, showing how the final products are a clear exemplification of the laser-straight focus of the company on the values that built the world-famous brand. The car at the center of the stage was a stunning Ferrari 488 Spider, sporting an exclusive, customized multi-layer metallic yellow paint job. In an era where some people criticize the adoption of smaller engines and turbochargers, because they would be reducing the “fun” of driving in the name of reduced fuel consumptions, Ferrari introduced a turbocharger in its already epic V8 engine to get more power, more torque and a lot more driving thrill for the 488 owners. The result is a car that, six years after its predecessor, the Ferrari 458 Italia, won once again the prestigious “Best Driver’s Car” award, assigned by the popular Motor Trend magazine.

The visiting group could experience, up close and personal, the amazing supercars on display at Ferrari New York, getting to sit behind the wheel, and even start and rev the engines in a couple of cases.

The event at Ferrari New York was closed with a glass of Italian Spumante but the opportunities for networking were not over, as the group moved to Amsterdam Avenue and enjoyed a true Italian dinner at the “Piccolo Cafe”, one of the few places in the USA that can offer a traditional Bolognese cuisine.

Patrizio offered a great experience to the Alumni, who had the opportunity to learn something new about a well-known name like Ferrari, meet a group of like-minded enthusiast of the Italian brand and, last but not least, expand their professional network connecting with several Italian professionals in the USA.

At the end of the evening, as we were heading home, which meant Manhattan for some, the nearby New Jersey for others, the not-so-close Connecticut and the distant cities of Boston or Washington DC for a few highly committed Alumni, we all had our last greeting in mind: “Let’s do it again!”

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