Alumni Supply Chain&Logistic

Alumni Supply Chain & Logistic Group is a natural development from Logistic Point: a historical team of friends and mate coming from Politecnico.
They have continued to keep in contact after the university due to the fact they are working on supply chain and logistic subject to share knowledge, experience, opportunities and ask.
We have discovered that meeting, mailing  and connection and pure love for this subject continue to increase our professional knowledge and opportunities, Most of these people today manage the most interesting supply chain position in Italy and abroad or have teaching or consulting careers.
The goal of this team is to keep live the same passion and spirits with  the following priorities:

  • Increase mutual know how logistics and supply chain;
  • Support and initiate no profit and cultural  initiatives in this arena
  • Face and promote new and innovative subject/activity
  • Increase professional network with long term view

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Luca Saporetti

EMEA and International Supply Chain & Customer Care Leader (Danaher CH), before DuPont & Ernst &Young.

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