Alumni Parigi

It is the group created to bring together graduates of the Polytechnic who live, work or have interests in the French capital and its surroundings.
The activities are organized by the group leader and include meetings with colleagues which foster the exchange of ideas and information and the communication of professionally useful experiences. Go to the wall to look for people who have your same degree.
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Carlo Maria Stoisser

President of the Group, with responsibility for strategy and development. Engineering Manager at EDF.

Would you like to join the group? Contact and the other core-team members:


VP of the Group, for relations with the Industry.
Manager at AREVA.


VP of the Group, for Public and Political Affairs.
Research Engineer at SAINT-GOBAIN.

VP of the Group, for Finance & Business.

Director at LINKERS.

  • JACOPO ZANETTI   (Mater. 2012)

VP of the Group, for Alumni Relations.
Shipping Economist at TOTAL.

  • ANDREA ZOIA   (Nucl. 2004)

VP of the Group, for R&D.
Research Engineering at CEA.


7th November 2017 - Lanieri Paris Atelier, 7 Rue du Pré aux Clercs 75007 Paris FRANCE
Techno Fashion with Lanieri

Event fully dedicated to haute couture for men and newest frontiers of italian E-commerce in the heart of Saint Germain des Près quarter at the Parisian Lanieri's studio.

During the evening Alumnus Riccardo Biolchini was present, he is the Brand Manager France for LANIERI, fashion brand addressed to male elegance which provides an on-line service for tailored suits for its customers.

17th October 2017 - Maison de l'Italie, 7A Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris FRANCE
Welcome in France - Young Italians who came in France for study or work meet French/Italian groups

Twenty French/Italian associations talking about four different topics - Employability, Research and development, Art e culture, Lifestyle and social rights – are pleasured to meet young Italians recently landed in France to share experiences, suggestions and start a dialogue.

  • EMPLOYABILITY: Donne Italiane Rete Estera (DIRE), AlumniPolimi Parigi, Alumni SciencesPo, Associazione Alumni Bocconi, Alumni PoliTo.
  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Rete dei Ricercatori Italiani in Francia (ReCIF), Master pro Industries culturelles France-Italie Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3, Organizzazione per la Cooperazione e Sviluppo Economico (OCSE), Institut Pasteur.
  • ART E CULTURE: Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano-FAI France, Associazione “Anteprima”, Dante Alighieri, Associazione Italo Calvino, “Les ateliers de Cribeau”, Italyssime.
  • LIFESTYLE AND SOCIAL RIGHTS: Comitato Italiani all’Estero (Comites) di Parigi, Consiglio Generale degli Italiani all’Estero (CGIE), Italia in rete, ACLI France, INCA France.
8th June 2017 – Consulate General of Italy, 75016 Paris FRANCE
The role of Europe in the current worldwide contest

The Italian Consulate in Paris hosts a beautiful event focused on Europe's future financial and economic perspectives after Brexit, new American president election and  with a view to forthcoming elections in France, United Kingdom, Germany e Italy.

Roundtable 1 «Euro: source of strength o weakness ?» with participants:

  • Alessandro Giraudo - Chief Economist – VIEL-TRADITION
  • Denis Ferrand -Director General - COE-REXECODE
  • Pierre Beynet - Chef de Division - OCSE

Roundtable 2 «Europes's innovation, competitiveness e financial attractiveness »with participants:

  • Pietro Grassano - Director General France - JP MORGAN ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Marco Sormani - Founding Partner - VARENNE CAPITAL
  • Charles Letourneur - Managing Partner - ALVEN CAPITAL

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6th April 2017 – Hotel de l'Industrie, 4 Place de Saint-Germain des Près 75006 Paris FRANCE
Heritage against natural risks: how to face floods and earthquakes in Italy?

Alumni Polimi Paris with the support of FAI-France (association affiliated to FAI, Fondo Ambiente italiano) e Alumni SciencesPo organized an event aimed at sponsoring Italian heritage.

Here below the main players of the roundtable:

  • Giovanni La Varra - Professor at Politecnico di Milano and University of Udine, graduated ITT Chicago and Highrise Award with "Bosco Verticale";
  • Giampietro Romano - Expertise of Italian Carabinieri in the protection of underwater cultural heritage;
  • Romano Ferrari - President of FAI France;
  • Giacomo Parrinello - Professor of environmental history at the Centre for history of the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Ecole Urbaine de SciencèsPo);
  • Camilla Ponzano - Founder of #riprendiamociGenova.
23rd January 2017 – Le Café Saint Médard 75005 Paris FRANCE
How to familiarize yourself with Start-up world?

In collaboration with Alumni TIME, Alumni Polimi Parigi schedules a discussion on the start-up topic, involving:

  • Borna Scognamiglio –President and Co-fondatore - Pixis
  • Marie Aichagui – Managing Director - Beauty Waps
  • Antoine Vettes -Chief Executive Officer and Founder - UpSlide

An interesting article (in Italian) Ilsole24ore start-up.

29th November 2016 - Rappresentanza Italiana Presso le Organizzazioni Internazionali, 50 Rue de Varenne 75007 Paris FRANCE
Annual Meeting 2016

In the centre of Paris, Alumni Polimi meets agains for the third Annual Meeting of the Association. The opening is made by board members of the Association and the meeting proceeds with excellent speeches focused on topic 'Building an international future'.

Welcome:  Role of international networking and history of Association AlumniPolimi Paris:

  • Enrico Zio - President of AlumniPolimi Association

The role of Italy in international organizations:

  • E. Ambassador Alessandro Busacca -Permanent Rappresentative of Italy to the International Organizations and related Agencies in Paris;
  • Isabella Palombini -Scientific Attaché of the International Organizations and related Agencies in Paris.

AlumniPolimi in France between innovation, technology and business:

  • Stefano Agnelli - Director European Institutional Affairs - Eutelsat
  • Annalisa Ambroso - Expert and Project Manager, - AREVA NP
  • Giulio Biroli - Directeur de Recherche, Institut de Physique Théorique, - CEA
  • Rocco Valentines - Co-Founder & Associate - MenoMenoPiu Architects
2013 03 27 - Centre Bios - Paris 75012
Dinner theme: "Human Leadership - Develop your leadership and dare trust with the Human Element Will Schutz"

Workshop-Conference hosted by Sandra SADAT, Director of INTERACTIVE Conseil, individual and team coach, certified Human Element.

Experienced for 40 years, the Element Humain® up self esteem in the heart of the performance of individuals and organizations. Through original exercises, you will explore the key concepts of inclusion, control, openness and authenticity, self-determination and choice. Executives, managers, HR or consultants, you will discover a powerful diagnostic tool and of individual and collective transformation to create a humane and efficient company.

2012 12 4 - Italian Institute of Culture in Paris - 75007 Paris
Presentation of the book "Chess and corporate strategies" and meet the authors

Alumni Polimi Paris, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris and Bocconi Alumni Association, University LUISS Guido Carli and Studio Legale Munari Cavani, is pleased to invite you to the presentation of the book "Chess and business strategies" Tuesday, December 4, hours 19, at the prestigious Italian Institute of Culture in Paris (see invito e video). Authors will be present:
Rocco Sabelli, CEO of Alitalia during the years 2008-12
Luke Desiata, responsible for engineering Enel France.

2012 11 22, - Espace Faubourg - 75008 Paris
Dinner theme: "Statistics: Understanding and Managing the world we live in"

"The ability to take on it's going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades. Because now we really do have essentially free and ubiquitous date. So the complimentary scarce factor is the ability to understand That data and extract value from it. The Those skills do think - of being incendio access, understand, and communicate the insights you get from data analysis - are going to be extremely important. Managers need to be incendio access and understand the data Themselves "
[Hal Varian, Google's Chief Economist at The McKinsey Quarterly, January 2009]
AlumniPolimi Paris invites you to a dinner theme, Followed by a debate, about the impact of statistical prediction models on the complex dynamics of society, in a way comprehensible and appealing to an audience of non-specialists. How can a statistical model influence the products we need and buy, the technology we use, the way in cui we move and live our city? with:
Piercesare Secchi (Full Professor, Director of the Mathematics Department, Politecnico di Milano)
Lorenzo Ravagli (Quantitative Strategist, Societe Generale)
Lionel Texier (Associate Director at R & A - Risk & Analysis)
Erwan Le Quentrec (Head of Enterprise & Customer Relationship R & D Unit, Orange France)

2012 06 18 - Embassy of Italy in Paris - 75007
Young Entrepreneurs Confindustria & Radio 24 meet the AlumniPolimi Paris

Meeting promoted by Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs, organized by the Italian Embassy in Paris, in order to renew the ties with "expats".

Invited Alumni Polimi Paris under40:
• the debate, with the interview to some Polimi during the radio broadcast of Sergio Nava "Young Talents" Radio24 of 23/6.
• the articles and the links (IlSole24Ore, ConfindustriaRadio 24Blog))