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It is the group created to bring together graduates of the Polytechnic who live, work or have interests in the French capital and its surroundings.
The activities are organized by the group leader and include meetings with colleagues which foster the exchange of ideas and information and the communication of professionally useful experiences. Go to the wall to look for people who have your same degree.
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Carlo Maria Stoisser

President of the Group, with responsibility for strategy and development. Engineering Manager at EDF.

Would you like to join the group? Contact and the other core-team members:


VP of the Group, for relations with the Industry.
Manager at AREVA.


VP of the Group, for Public and Political Affairs.
Research Engineer at SAINT-GOBAIN.

VP of the Group, for Finance & Business.
Director at LINKERS.

  • JACOPO ZANETTI   (Mater. 2012)

VP of the Group, for Alumni Relations.
Shipping Economist at TOTAL.

  • ANDREA ZOIA   (Nucl. 2004)

VP of the Group, for R&D.
Research Engineering at CEA.


2016 01 21 - Italian General Consulate in Paris - 75016
ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING The industry of the future between Italy and France

Bilateral event ITA-FRA on additive technologies, the results achieved and the impact on the industry of the future, in two round tables:

  • How additive manufacturing has reinvented the product and the production line: the examples of the Aerospace and Energy industries
  • Additive manufacturing: opportunities and challenges


  • Paolo Pennacchi – Deputy Director Mechanical Department - POLITECNICO DI MILANO
  • Filip Geerts - General manager - CECIMO
  • Stephane Abed – CEO - POLY-SHAPE
  • Emmanuel Laubriat - CEO – BeAM
  • Thierry Thomas – Director Additive Manufacturing – SAFRAN
  • Raphael Gorge’ – CEO - GROUPE GORGE

 Here the video of the event:

2015 06 24 - Italian General Consulate in Paris - 75016

The architect and engineering trades evolve to respond to the claims of a major urban development projects, infrastructure and construction. The challenges are analyzed under a Franco-Italian cross perspective:

Round Table 1 - The eco-construction and a controlled project management:

  •     Anouk Legendre, XTU ARCHITECTS
  •     Maha Hmeid, Major Key account manager, Saint Gobain HABITAT
  •     Tiziana Bardi, professor of restoration and rehabilitation of buildings, POLITECNICO DI MILANO - ENPC
  •     Valentina Reinaudo, Sales Manager interiors, PERMASTEELISA FRANCE

Moderator: Alessandro D'Angelo, AlumniPolimi Parigi

Round Table 2 - Major projects, accelerators of the City of Tomorrow

  •     Chirier Alexander, Director of Economic Development and Marketing, EPAMARNE - EPAFRANCE
  •     Catherine Barbé, Director of Strategic Partnerships, SOCIETE DU GRAND PARIS
  •     Elise Airaud, Director Real Estate, Eiffage ESTATE

Moderator: Michele Lobosco, AlumniPolimi Parigi

Watch the video of round tables 1 and 2

2015 01 29 - National Assembly, Paris
To Europe of Smart Grids - A Franco-Italian approach

Outstanding bilateral event France-Italy on electricity connections, smart grids and metering, in two panel discussions:

Roundtable # 1 - Super Grid: witch dynamique pour le couple Franco-Italian

  •     Jean-Christophe Delvallet (Director Customers & Territories, ERDF Mediterranean)
  •     Arnaud Leroy (MP, member of the Commission on Sustainable Development)
  •     Yannick Jacquemart (Deputy Director for European Affairs - RTE)
  •     Maurizio Delfanti (Professor, Department of Energy, Politecnico di Milano)

Roundtable # 2 - Smart Solutions serving the energy transition and consumers: a transalpine fresh perspective

  •     Gianbeppi Fortis (Co-founder and Chairman of the Management Solutions 30)
  •     Giovanni Piana (Director, Hewlett-Packard)
  •     Michele de Nigris (Director T & D CSR SpA)
  •     Nicolas Mouchnino (Energy Policy Officer, UFC-Que Choisir association)
  •     Raphael Rinaldi (Project Manager Smart Grids, Enel Distribuzione)

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2014 01 22 - 18h45 - Embassy of Italy in Paris - 75007
Technology, Creativity, Culture for Development

Alumni Polimi Paris guests of the Italian Embassy in Paris.

The program :

"Professional networking between Italy and France in support of innovation and technological excellence"

  •     S.E. Giandomenico Magliano - Ambassadeur d'Italie

"Alumni Polimi: A force for Italy-France collaboration",

Prof. Enrico Zio - Delegate of the Rector and President Alumni Association Polimi

"Testimonials" with:

  •      Ing. Guglielmo Fiocchi - CEO - SOGEFI Group;
  •      Ing Gianbeppi Fortis - CEO - Solutions30;
  •      Ing. Boris Leopold Picchiottino - Executive Director - NATIXIS INVESTMENT BANKING.

Also expected to attend about twenty vice presidents and executive directors from leading companies operating between France and Italy

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2013 10 15 - Consulate General of Italy in Paris - 75016 Paris
Meeting theme "Health - Italian An excellence"

In collaboration with Bocconi Alumni Association (BAA), Women Italian Foreign Network (SAY) and the Consulate General of Italy in Paris, debate and meeting with
Francesca COLOMBO - Senior Health Policy Analyst, OCSE
Filippo Monteleone - Chief Operating Officer, General Health
Marina Cavazzana - Professor of Medicine at Paris Descartes, head of Biotherapy department at Necker Hospital and Director of Clinical Investigation Center

2013 04 18 - Consulate General of Italy in Paris - 75016 Paris
Meeting: "The mobility of Italians abroad professionals and the reunification of pension periods"

In the prestigious Consulate, the CIU Delegation of Paris (the Italian Union Confederation of Intellectual Professions) invites alumni Polimi to a meeting, to inform professionals Italians resident in France on pension rights and pension reunification linked to labor mobility of talents Italians abroad. Vin d'honneur at 20h00. Speakers include:
Elsa Fornero, Minister of Labour and Social Policy 2011-2013
Anna Amato, Secretary of the CIU Delegation France
Antonino Galloni, a member of the Board of Auditors INPS and representative of the Ministry of Labour
Chiara Poggi-Ferrero, Specialist Lawyer in international mobility issues
Corrado Rossitto, President CIU

2013 03 27 - Centre Bios - Paris 75012
Dinner theme: "Human Leadership - Develop your leadership and dare trust with the Human Element Will Schutz"

Workshop-Conference hosted by Sandra SADAT, Director of INTERACTIVE Conseil, individual and team coach, certified Human Element.

Experienced for 40 years, the Element Humain® up self esteem in the heart of the performance of individuals and organizations. Through original exercises, you will explore the key concepts of inclusion, control, openness and authenticity, self-determination and choice. Executives, managers, HR or consultants, you will discover a powerful diagnostic tool and of individual and collective transformation to create a humane and efficient company.

2012 12 4 - Italian Institute of Culture in Paris - 75007 Paris
Presentation of the book "Chess and corporate strategies" and meet the authors

Alumni Polimi Paris, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris and Bocconi Alumni Association, University LUISS Guido Carli and Studio Legale Munari Cavani, is pleased to invite you to the presentation of the book "Chess and business strategies" Tuesday, December 4, hours 19, at the prestigious Italian Institute of Culture in Paris (see invito e video). Authors will be present:
Rocco Sabelli, CEO of Alitalia during the years 2008-12
Luke Desiata, responsible for engineering Enel France.

2012 11 22, - Espace Faubourg - 75008 Paris
Dinner theme: "Statistics: Understanding and Managing the world we live in"

"The ability to take on it's going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades. Because now we really do have essentially free and ubiquitous date. So the complimentary scarce factor is the ability to understand That data and extract value from it. The Those skills do think - of being incendio access, understand, and communicate the insights you get from data analysis - are going to be extremely important. Managers need to be incendio access and understand the data Themselves "
[Hal Varian, Google's Chief Economist at The McKinsey Quarterly, January 2009]
AlumniPolimi Paris invites you to a dinner theme, Followed by a debate, about the impact of statistical prediction models on the complex dynamics of society, in a way comprehensible and appealing to an audience of non-specialists. How can a statistical model influence the products we need and buy, the technology we use, the way in cui we move and live our city? with:
Piercesare Secchi (Full Professor, Director of the Mathematics Department, Politecnico di Milano)
Lorenzo Ravagli (Quantitative Strategist, Societe Generale)
Lionel Texier (Associate Director at R & A - Risk & Analysis)
Erwan Le Quentrec (Head of Enterprise & Customer Relationship R & D Unit, Orange France)

2012 06 18 - Embassy of Italy in Paris - 75007
Young Entrepreneurs Confindustria & Radio 24 meet the AlumniPolimi Paris

Meeting promoted by Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs, organized by the Italian Embassy in Paris, in order to renew the ties with "expats".

Invited Alumni Polimi Paris under40:
• the debate, with the interview to some Polimi during the radio broadcast of Sergio Nava "Young Talents" Radio24 of 23/6.
• the articles and the links (IlSole24Ore, ConfindustriaRadio 24Blog))